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Project Description
An open source framework to aid .NET developers with certain data manipulations and mapping scenarios. It tries to use the simplest syntax and be as light weight as possible.

nGenSoft Blog:

Boost, like other frameworks tries to apply convention over configuration where possible. This is achieved in Boost by minimizing the need for inheritance and implementing Interfaces, while staying as extensible as possible. While these goals can often be at odds with each other, Boost solves this dilemma by supplying API’s which can be replaced with your own code.

Overview | Behind the name | Complete Guide (pdf)

Mappers in action

 var mapper = ...
mapper.Fields((c1, c2 ) => c1.Prop1 = c2.Prop1)
	.Fields((c1, c2 ) => c1.Prop2 = c2.Prop2)
	.Fields((c1, c2 ) => c1.Prop2 = c2.Prop2)
	.Reference(c => c.RefProperty, refMapper)
	.ReferenceList( c => c.MyCollection, colMapper);

Query Proxy

Useful in DTO scenarios

Supertype SubType
Contact <-- Person

 IDataQuery<Person> query = contactStore.Query().OfType<Person>()
	.Where(p=> p.LastName == “Smith”); 

Without OfType method you would only be able to do

 // Same signatures as IQueryable
IDataQuery<Contact> query = contactStore.Query().Where(c=> c.Id == 1); 

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