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Data Query | Modeling | Mapping

The initial motivation for this library came from POCO (PONO) support for Linq ORM frameworks specifically Microsoft Entity Framework. However shortly after a prototype it became clear that the approach could serve to Linq enable objects or more specifically domain libraries with little effort to any Linq provider. More importantly than even opening the door on using any ORM, it allows for a strong abstraction in the application and data. Things like caching and or proper delegation can now be put in place instead of the a particular Linq provider’s implementation. In some ways it’s inverting the control, or putting the developer back in control of the data.


After implementing Linq, the effort quickly turned to other aspects of real world applications such as mapping, modeling, etc. The mapping layer exists as a set of loosely coupled methods (in the form of delegates) which take full advantage of C# 3.0 features.


Lower the barrier to common tasks found in most business applications. Allow for elegant code, while sustaining productivity and happiness with tooling. Embrace the consistency found in .NET and expand to use Linq.
• Simple - Easy to use
• Open
• Fun


.NET 3.5, Linq, C# 3.0 or (higher).

Prior knowledge of:

IEnumerable, IQueryable, IQueryable Operators,Extenstion methods, Lambda Expressions, Expression trees.

Data Query | Modeling | Mapping

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